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  • We’re operating since 2005, so we are pretty experienced
  • We don’t trick you into buying unlimited resources which never really exist
  • We’ll go miles to provide you fnatical support so you can sleep well
  • Look around and see for yourself what our customers say about us
  • Our servers are colocated in top-tier state-of-the-art data centers

What Clients Say

We have been with CrazeHost since its inception in 2005. They have never disappointed us. Yes, there were times when we ran into trouble but their support team was always there for us.
Alan Markson
Awesome! That’s one word which describes CrazeHost.
James Blanchard
I have used plenty of web hosting providers for my personal blog so far but never have been truly satisfied as I am with CrazeHost.
Tara Brown
I can’t recommend CrazeHost enough. Support, price and speed are simply umatched!
Janette Blake
It’s been seven months now with CrazeHost, no issues so far. Control Panel is fully featured and prices are just great.
Kevin Woodman